Effervescent Tablet Tubes

Parekhplast India Limited is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Healthcare industry offering a wide range of effervescent tablet tubes under the brand name of QuikPak©.

Our effervescent tablet tubes are made to protect pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products from light, moisture and breakage. The effervescent tablet tubes that we supply are made of polypropylene (PP) and are designed with extreme intricacy and care. These are user-friendly with appealing designs and can come in a variety of sizes.

Our effervescent tablet tubes have passed various quality checks such as overall migration, specific migration of heavy metals, Bisphenol-A and Microbiological (TAMC and TYMC) tests. These also comply with major EU/EC norms for plastic packaging materials that come in contact with food.

We can provide tubes with various types of decoration such as shrink sleeving, heat transfer labeling as well as offset printing. With photorealistic printing of up to eight colors and metallic effects

We make your packaging stand out at point of sale.

Reference NumberSize (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Type of ClosureNumber of Tablets
PM010929 x 14429.00Spiral Desiccant20
PM011129 x 12029.00Spiral Desiccant15
PM010829 x 8529.00Spiral Desiccant10
PM011029 x 6329.00Spiral Desiccant10
PM011329 x 4229.00Spiral Desiccant03
PM011222 x 7321.60Not Available10
PM004230 x 6230.00Regular / Desiccant08
PM004126 x 5426.60Regular / Desiccant07
PM004426 x 18526.10Regular30
PM010327 x 6127.40Regular / Desiccant08
PM011427 x 7327.40Regular / Desiccant10
PM004324 x 6024.00Regular / Desiccant06


  • The effervescent tablet tubes protects the effervescent tablet from light, moisture and breakage.
  • The effervescent tablet tubes are Non-toxic and immune to microbiological attack.
  • The effervescent tablet tubes come with a variety of decoration option to offer an attractive packaging option, thus increasing your brand value.
  • The effervescent tablet tubes are customer friendly and optimal for daily use.